I’m a software engineer digital nomad currently focused on building my own tech projects like zsync.xyz (a better Reddit focused on high quality discussion). I’m originally from the suburbs of Washington D.C. in the U.S, after which I lived in NYC before finally mustering up the courage to escape office life and the rat race. Since 2018 I’ve been traveling the world, now having visited 45+ countries and lived in major cities across Europe, Asia, and South America.

I’m a firm believer that Universal Basic Income and land value tax are essential to ending human suffering / wage slavery and propelling us into the future. Most humans are miserable wage slaves, bred for obedience since birth through the education indoctrination system. Universal Basic Income would be the simplest way to free the wage slaves, and end the pillaging at the hands of the elite.

I’m a huge believer in freedom of speech, and absolutely repulsed by “cancel culture” and the Big Brother tech monopoly having disproportionate influence on our lives.

This blog is my outlet for talking about whatever is on my mind. My goal here is to raise attention to topics I think are important, and to make you think.