The Purpose of this Blog

There’s a a humanitarian crisis going on right now.

Poverty? Well yea that’s a crisis, but society doesn’t really care about poverty. Poverty in the first world could be ended tomorrow via the implementation of a Universal Basic Income, but only one presidential candidate is even talking about that.

The humanitarian crisis I’m referring to is the fact that the majority of people are wasting the entirety of their healthy adult lives selling themselves into part-time slavery (if they’re lucky enough to find a “master”).

Submitting oneself to a boss out of necessity is part-time slavery, plain and simple. Let’s not mince words here. You are not “working under your own free will”, you are a part-time slave.

Part-time slavery is immoral and needs to be abolished.

You have no freedom because you are working within a totalitarian organization. There is no democracy, you must follow the orders assigned to you by your boss. There is no freedom of speech, anything you say that’s perceived as a threat will get you fired.

Part-time slavery is the reason most Americans are depressed and dependent on anti-depressants and drugs like Adderall.

Why does slavery still persist? Because most Americans are either too dumb to realize that they’re slaves, or if they do realize it – they feel they can’t do anything about it because speaking up will get them fired.

And it’s true. If you speak about the drudgery and meaningless of being a slave, you’ll be fired. Even worse, you might get blacklisted from your whole industry, such as by being placed on a secret “likely to unionize” list.

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