F*ck Baby Boomers

Let’s not mince words here, Fuck baby boomers.

Baby boomers created this mess. So long as they remain at the steering wheel, they’re not going to fix it. Their #1 concern is preserving their retirement, not looking out for the younger generation, the earth, or hell anything concerning the future of mankind.

They grew up in a world where college was significantly easier to get into, tuition could be paid for with a summer job, and where graduating with a B.S. guaranteed you a full-time job with lifetime employment and a pension.

Now to get into university you’re expected to have already taken a full curriculum of first-year university courses (AP/IB classes), straight A’s, and a boatload of extracurriculars. The average student graduates with around $30k in student loan debt, and $57,600 for graduate students – and the debt can’t be discharged in bankruptcy.

Getting a job has become very competitive, and you have college graduates from top schools working as baristas because companies won’t hire them. Even if you get hired, pensions no longer exist and job security is no longer really much of a thing with big companies regularly shedding their workforce via layoffs.

Housing is no longer affordable without both parents working high-paying full-time jobs or a wealthy and generous benefactor.

Baby boomers have single-handedly inherited one of the greatest periods of comfort and economic prosperity, only to chew it up and spit it out on the next generation. On top of that, they actually have the balls to run a negative PR campaign against their kids, the millenials, as being spoiled, entitled, and out-of-touch – for simply wanting the same basic things their parents took for granted.

F*ck baby boomers.

The younger generation has grown up in a completely different world, especially being exposed to computers, smartphones, and the internet at such a young age. The internet in particular is a huge gamechanger because one can access any information in the world at the click of a button instead of having to physically visit a library, and because one can instantly communicate with anyone in the world.

Couple that with the increased competitiveness and cutthroatness to even obtain a modest living, and the youngest generation is the most educated generation that has ever existed.

This education-gap is why there is such a stark contrast in values between the traditional baby boomers and the tech-savvy millennials. Baby boomers tend to be thick-headed and stubborn because they have already cemented their way of thinking, whereas millennials tend to be more open-minded and malleable, no doubt also due to their younger age.

Despite the constant alarm-sounding, baby boomers have proved incapable of fixing or even addressing the most pressing issues in society – the student loan debt crisis, unaffordable housing, and unaffordable healthcare, ultra-competitive job market. Baby boomers don’t care unless it directly affects them. They already graduated school, bought a house, and got a job without much of a struggle, “why can’t you lazy millennials do the same?” Again, their thick-headed stubbornness refuses to accept that things today are different. Even if they can sympathize, it doesn’t directly affect them so they don’t care because they’re self-centered – their #1 priority is ensuring a stable retirement and not rocking the boat.

Baby boomers have proved incapable of fixing anything, so it’s on us, the younger generation, to make things happen. As soon as baby boomers retire from and get voted out of politics, we’re going to see some monumental transformations. We’re already seeing them in the form of representatives like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) and Andrew Yang who are fed up with the inaction and lack of leadership from the establishment. The push back from the establishment is clear – in AOC’s case from octogenarian career politicians like Nancy Pelosi, and in Yang’s case from the mainstream media seemingly censoring him from coverage despite having the boldest policy proposal and polling 4th.

Once the millennials take over, we’re going to start seeing some radical transformations, and finally start seeing things get done. We’ll end the student loan debt abomination, fix our international embarrassment of a healthcare system, actually start taking care of the environment and transforming to cleaner energy, make housing affordable again, and eliminate the need to compete in the arms race of a job market for a sh*tty bullshit job that can drop us at the drop of a dime via implementing a Universal Basic Income.

So move over baby boomers – you’ve proven your incompetence in running this country. It’s time for the younger generation to finally take control and fix this mess, before you guys literally destroy the earth.

“You see the old way wasn’t working so its on us, to do what we gotta do”

2Pac, “Changes”

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