Why We Need Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate is the latest victim of the Matrix‘s “cancel culture” brainwashing agenda. The ex-professional kickboxer turned internet personality was banned on all social media platforms (Facebook/Instagram, Youtube, Twitch, Tik-Tok) at the same time, and even had his AirBnB and Uber accounts shut down along with many of his personal bank accounts. The reasoning? Because he’s allegedly a misogynist, and so the Matrix has decided that he is not entitled to freedom of speech. The Matrix’s media brainwashing campaign is in full force trying to convince you to think he’s a violent misogynist women-abusing human trafficker who’s fans are lonely, angry, sexually frustrated men. Search “Andrew Tate” on Google and every article is a hit piece filled with cheapshots, quotes taken out of context, and emotional appeals (as I write this the top results are this and this). Of course not a single intelligent and fair debate, because the Matrix’s agenda is not up for debate.

Of course if one actually does a little research beyond just reading the Matrix’s anti-Tate propaganda with quotes taken out of context, it’s obvious that he doesn’t hate women at all and has never promoted hatred or violence. In fact most of what he says has nothing to do with women, and is more about inspiring men to take responsibility for their lives, to work hard, and to become the best versions of themselves.

He has said things that on the surface sound extremely misogynistic, but if you actually look at the context with which he said them, then they are not as heinous as they seem and were mostly said in jest and/or exaggerated to make a point. He’s also addressed every criticism at length in depth (eg. here’s his latest interview where he addresses practically every criticism thrown at him).

I’m not saying that I agree with everything he says. In fact I strongly disagree with many of his views and the things he’s said. For example I don’t think he should be arguing that women are worse under pressure and at driving without citing any data. I don’t think that comparing women to “property” is acceptable, though in the context with which he brought up (OnlyFans and comparing a girlfriend’s private parts to her man’s property) it is not nearly as heinous as it sounds on the surface and clearly an analogy, albeit a crass one. I don’t think that men and women must abide by traditional gender roles. I don’t respect the fact that he made his wealth from pimping OnlyFans girls, and I find it highly unethical how he manipulated the male viewers of his webcam girls into giving away enormous sums of money. on the basis of lies and false promises.

But I believe that he, like everyone else, has the right to freedom of speech, and that nothing he’s said has promoted violence, hatred, or criminal activity. Of course legally he still has freedom of speech (thankfully the Matrix’s power hasn’t gotten far enough yet to undue the first amendment), but the fact that these monopolistic big tech corporations can censor and deplatform anyone at the flick of a switch just because “they don’t like them” is a gross violation of everything we stand for in a democratic free society, and is yet another example of the overbearing power these monopolistic tech corporations have in directing public discourse. Just like businesses aren’t allowed to discriminate by race or gender, they should not be allowed to silence someone just because they don’t like them. The same arguments were used throughout history to imprison and sentence to death men like Galileo and Socrates.

Again I don’t agree with all of his views, but I find him entertaining as hell – like a comedian crossed with a pro wrestler and philosopher – and respect the hell out of anyone who stands up for what they believe in and fights to create a better world in their vision. This man is as principled and fearless as they come. Most men steer clear of talking about controversial topics (eg. anything critical about women) and anything criticizing the Matrix’s agenda for fear of getting canceled, and upon getting canceled buckle down and apologize like Logan Paul did. Andrew Tate dives into the battle head first, talking about the most controversial and interesting topics, and defending himself articulately and eloquently. Again you can despise this man’s views and persona, but you have to respect his principles and courage.

I completely agree with him that the COVID-19 lockdowns and vaccine mandates were an enormous government overreach, another topic the Matrix does not allow for debate, with platforms like Twitter and Youtube banning people like Chris Martenson for questioning lockdown policies and vaccine efficiency while countries like Switzerland banned public protest of COVID restrictions.

I completely agree with him on depression that it is healthier to adopt the mindset that your mental state is within your control (as opposed to being strictly a physical disease that you have no control over and can only be cured by medication and therapy, even if there is a place for that). and that if you don’t feel well then you should work on improving your life (eg. working out, working hard, leveling up) and controlling your emotions.

Regarding his views on traditional gender roles, I don’t recall him ever saying that women have to act a certain way. He’s said some unorthodox things like that he doesn’t allow his girlfriends to have male friends. I personally don’t share his opinion on the matter and find it a bit ridiculous, though I do understand his point that it is difficult for men and women to just be friends. But that being said, he is certainly entitled to pursue whatever type of consensual relationship arrangements he wants. Everyone of course fixates on the most controversial things he says, but most of what he says is fairly reasonable and in line with traditional gender roles.

I do think it would be better if he added a caveat that much of what he says about women applies to traditionally feminine women, and that people should be free to choose whatever gender roles or lifestyles they want. If a woman wants to be a career woman and a father wants to be a house-dad, I think they have every right to make those life decisions, and even Andrew Tate would agree with this, even if he wouldn’t respect the house-dad. Tate has never claimed that a man is automatically entitled to respect, but rather that respect must be earned.

I agree with him that men are not biologically sexually monogamous (sorry ladies), and that monogamy is a social construct. As Tate has said, throughout all of history it has been normal for men of status to have multiple wives and mistresses. Kings had harems. Even today having multiple wives is normal in Muslim, African, and Mormon cultures. Most men would not turn down the opportunity to have multiple wives if it did not violate their religion/morality, they could afford it, and if it were socially acceptable, though because it’s not they would never publicly admit it. Andrew Tate of course doesn’t care what other people think, so he tells it like it is, which is refreshing. Many would find it hypocritical that he doesn’t tolerate female promiscuity, but again he is free to have whatever standards he wants, just as any woman is free to walk away from him.

Being a woman and being a man come with their own unique challenges. The difference is that women’s struggles are publicly acknowledged and sympathized with, while men’s struggles are ignored and even mocked. Men are characterized as oppressors who need to be taught not to be sexist and violent. Masculinity is vilified as being “toxic”, misandrist phrases like “man”-splaining and “man”-spreading are used to mock men, while men in tech are despairingly called “tech bros”. Meanwhile male suicide rates are 3-4x higher, homelessness rates 2.5 higher, and graduation rates lower. Men reproduce at half the rate of women (40% vs. 80%, and 8,000 years ago only 1 man reproduced for every 17 women). Men under 30 make less money than women in cities like NYC and Washington D.C, while single men without children make 12% less than women.. All it takes is a mere accusation for a man’s reputation to be ruined because when a woman makes an accusation, men are assumed to be guilty until proven innocent (eg. Johnny Depp, Columbia Mattress girl).

Amidst this backdrop of anti-male rhetoric and the inability to talk about it without getting cancelled, it’s no surprise that a man standing up for men has gotten extremely popular, while being so hated by the censorship and safe-space-loving radical feminists who view women’s issues as a zero sum game and have managed to conquer the public narrative.

The Matrix will of course try to “cancel” anyone who associates with or says anything positive about Andrew Tate (most recently the G2 esports CEO was forced to step down after a video emerged of him partying with Andrew Tate) and crush all debate and dissent. The Matrix wants you to believe that Andrew Tate is misogynist and evil, and thus that he should be banned in order to protect the idiot masses from being “radicalized” because we are apparently too stupid to think for ourselves.

Fuck the social media platforms and tech companies for banning this guy and violating freedom of speech, and fuck the media companies trying to shove a shoddy narrative down your throat like the propaganda arm of a third world dictatorship with cheapshots and quotes taken out of context.

I’m glad this guy exists because he’s inspiring millions of people to live better lives, speaking up for men in an era where masculinity is vilified, challenging conventional wisdom, and talking about the controversial things that the Matrix does not allow you to talk about. I could disagree with him and still be happy if only for his contribution to beginning to topple this toxic dogmatic cancel culture that suppresses free speech and force feeds you a narrative. It’s a shame that the “safe”-space fascists don’t realize that this bias and censorship itself is what’s fueling the increasing polarization and radicalization of society. But the Matrix wants us to be divided and distracted with meaningless debates on gender pronouns while they loot us behind our back.

As Andrew Tate says, the Matrix’s goal is to enslave you to serve its own benefit. Escape the Matrix and be an independent thinker. Stand up for what you think is right. We all could use more of the courage that Andrew Tate has to talk openly about the most controversial topics that the Matrix does not allow you to talk about.

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